Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'Royal Granny Parade'


Since May last year when I founded Yarn Corner, I have been on the go the whole time. We've not really had a chance to have a break. We always have projects and offers for jobs coming in. It's been hard for me to have a spare moment to do some of my own yarn bombing, so this week I came up with an action plan... Enter 'Royal Granny Parade'...

There are 85 sections to it and the name is because the project is made out of granny squares [or motifs] and the location for the project is on Royal Parade which spans 2.6k's through North Melbourne, Parkville, Princes Hill and Brunswick.

My idea came to me while I was on the tram home and I thought how cool would it be if some of the trees down Royal Parade had a strip of granny squares around them. And then me being me, couldn't just have a small idea, so I thought what if ALL of the trees on one side of the Parade had the strip of granny squares? So I counted them all - 85 trees down one side!! I had over estimated just how many there are. But I had the idea in my head and how it was stuck. I have to do it! And I will!

Here is a screen shot of the google map image for some of Royal Parade. I will be doing the tree's down the middle:

 So Sunday afternoon just past, Katie and I took the tram down to Haymarket roundabout [or the Wheel of Death as some of us locals call it] and we measured every single one of the 85 trees up the parade. Thank goodness I only need to worry about the width and not the height! And I got started straight away with making my traditional granny squares in widths of 20cm.

I'm not worried about patterns for this project. The aim is more for the fact that it's such a large project and people will be more amused that for 2.6 kilometre's they can see granny squares wrapped around trees. And the colors don't really matter as long as they're bright and can be seen well.

I'm anticipating the project to take me most of the rest of the year. I'm hoping to have it put up at the end of November. I don't know why I've chosen that month? But we'll see if it happens then or not. I may need longer.

The tree width's really differ. For example the first 10 are:
1. 271cm
2. 204cm
3. 254cm
4. 221cm
5. 228cm
6. 194cm
7. 190cm
8. 217cm
9. 210cm
10. 192cm
so there's going to be a massive amount of squares to do but even if it takes me a year to make them all, I really want to do it myself. And I'm going to be doing them in order [unless I run out of that particular yarn] so I have 6 x 20cm squares right now = 120cm, so for tree 1 I just need another 8 squares and then I'll fill in the rest of the meterage with granny clusters when I put them together.

Anyways, I'm excited to be doing something on a grand scale for myself. Hope you're all excited too.

Luv Bali.


  1. I can't wait to see this!!!

  2. Will get down to Melbourne to walk the down royal parade... with my friend... my old stomping ground cant wait.

  3. It's been 9 months since your last post ... how are the granny squares coming along? Have enough for several trees yet?

    I just found out about yarn bombing today and now I'm intrigued.

    I'm wondering places where yarn bombing is popular (UK, Australia, etc), if the local governments have addressed this issue (ie, it's a menace, or they like it, or ??)