Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yarn Corner Member Profile - Pebble

Name: Pebble
Location: Melbourne, Australia
1. How did you get started with yarn bombing?
I came across it on facebook one day.. I was looking up knitting related pages and groups and found this page called Twilight Taggers.. Looked at the photos.. was totally amazed.. googled "YARN BOMB"... and from there the obsession began.

2. What are you currently working on?
I'm not actually working on a yarn bomb... but I'm obsessed with making knitted bows at the moment.. but I have used them previously in a yarn bomb. I have a bad habit of leaving everything till the last minute. There are a few Yarn Corner projects coming up but I'll probably start them a week before they are due to be put up and then complain to everyone how I only just started them.

3. How long have you been an admin for Yarn Corner? Do you like it?
I think it's been about 5-6 months now.. Yeah I really enjoy it. I try to help out where I can but I'm not so good with the formal stuff.. I'm usually just making jokes or picking up donations.. But I love the admin ladies. I consdier them all very good close friends. And it's amazing to see how much goes into making events for the group to be involved in.
4. Have you always been a crafty person?
Always!! My mum took me for art lessons when I was around 8 years old.. and I've always loved making things.. But the yarn obsession came 11 years ago when an ex's mother taught me how to knit. My mother has always been a knitter, but she stopped when I got to old for hand knitted jumpers with numbers on them. So now it's great getting my kids into craft and making things.. Mr. 8 is already a little yarn bomber.

5. You first started knitting your yarn bombs but now also crochet them. Why is that?
As much as I LOOOOOVE knitting.. it takes sooo long to get one piece done.. I recently learnt how to crochet from my lovely friend Bali (heehee) And haven't stopped since.. Its so much faster and you can get amazing shapes out of crochet.. But I think both knitting and crochet bring two totally different looks and feels to yarn bombing.

6. What can be frustrating about yarn bombing?
The grand ideas! I tend to have GRAND ideas about certain things I want to make and they may not always turn out the way I expect.. esp once I've put them up.. Also making things to the wrong size.. :\ I hate that!
7. How do you think each yarn bomber differs?
Well each person has a different style and different like.. I try to incorporate my favourite things into my pieces.. Where as some people just want to do flat pieces or only use certain colours... I find that I can now tell the differnce bewteen alot of the ladies that are in our group.. Some are very keen on textures and some are very interested in fine details.. It's amazing how we all make yarn bombs but none ever look the same.

8. What hasn't been done in yarn bombing yet?
lol umm.. I don't know.. I've seen some pretty crazy things in the past 7 months.. lol Although I hear Jaguar wants to do a yarn bomb in space?! O_O

9. Which of your pieces are you most proud of?
I think my Snails has been my favourite so far! Sooooo simple yet so cute.
10. Who do you think should try out yarn bombing?
People that don't understand it or get what it's about.. I think once they completed a bomb.. put it up and go by it everyday and see peoples reactions to it they'd feel a sense of accomplishment and understand what it's about..

11. What has surprised you about yarn bombing?
How many people are involved in it.. Considering I only found out about yarn bombing in May 2011 I'm shocked at the amount of people that are getting involved with it and how our little group Yarn Corner has taken off from 3 regular members to over 200 ladies and gents.. 

12. Who is your fave yarn bombing artist?
Miss Twilight Taggers herself.. I would have never known about this type of art until I stumbled across her page.. Not only does she make beautiful pieces but she, herself is just an amazingly lovely friend.. :)

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