Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Yarn Corner Member Profile - Dipity

Name: Dipity   
Location: Burwood, VIC Australia
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/157893757611209/
Blog: will commence on late 2012

1. How did you get started with yarn bombing?
It's all Bali's fault!! Was interested in her adventures and was invited to this new group called Yarn Corner. After the first meeting the three of us (can't believe there was only three of us at that first meet!!) went to Fed Square to check out the Lights In Winter structure and was just blown away.
My first piece was done late on 15th July 2011.

2. Is it true that you loom all your yarn bombs? Why did you make this choice?
Yes indeedy. :)
Quite a few months ago Bali was discussing how she had started looming and getting a few people trying it. Since I still couldn't seem to get the hang of crocheting I thought I'd give it a go. So just before the second meet of Yarn Corner my darling one purchased a loom kit, some yarn and other bits & pieces for me to get started. :)
I really love looming now and some of the yarns I use are so gorgeous, so thick and soft.
I look forward to what's next with my looming adventures ~ including learning to cable stitch and granny squares & rounds
My darling one has made me some wooden handled loom picks and eventually will be making me a loom ~ am very excited!!!!

3. How long have you been an admin for Yarn Corner? Do you like it?
A few months now and yes I enjoy it. The ladies are incredible, all bringing different views and experience to the admin team and we work well together. It's been challenging at times, very much a learning experience but I'm very grateful for Bali giving me the opportunity to being involved this way. I enjoy the 'behind the scenes' work, it's fun and I've learnt as much about myself as I have about yarn / yarn projects  I also know that I never ever want to become an events planner. :)
4. Have crafts always been a part of your life?
Yes, I have always been encouraged to try different crafts. My favourite craft now is card making.
Mum is a knitter and she did try to teach me when I was young, as did her left handed friend. The casting on/off just never seemed to click (yes, even though it's apparently very easy lol!). Also, though she didn't teach it, Dad's mother was an amazing crocheter.so yarn has always been part of my life.

5. Do politics have a place in your yarn bombing?
No, for me it's a form of art/craft. I understand that some believe that art is political but I don't share that view.

6. What can be frustrating about yarn bombing?
Personally, when things don't turn out the way I envision them or when someone sets out to destroy a piece. There is no general guidelines throughout the different councils so whereas some embrace it wholeheartedly others are very much against it.. It would be nice to see some general guidelines established.
7. Is there much yarn bombing in your area?
Not a lot at all. I know of only one other yarn bomber close to where I live. I've been very fortunate that all but 2 of my yarn bombs put up close to home are still up. There is one area, further away, where the pieces are gone very quickly so I don't put them there anymore.

8. What opportunities has yarn bombing given you?
I have met some wonderful people and made new friends. It's opened up a completely different world to me. It's a great stress relief. :)  In recent months I haven't been able to do other crafts but I've been able to continue looming, creating. I have always been interesting in art, including graffiti (not tagging!) and yarn bombing has brought me into a different aspect of this.

9. Do you think yarn bombing differs from country to country?
Basicly it's the same though the yarns used, the colours and themes do vary. Am inspired and amazed by the incredible talent that is out there.
10. What do you say to people that don't get what yarn bombing is about?
Usually I suggest they view at it as a form of art and have a look at some of the amazing pieces. Like any form of art, it doesn't appeal to everyone and that's ok.

11. Do you think you have a specific style with your yarn bombing?
Up until now my pieces have been all the same stitch but it's the various textures of yarn used that creates different looks. I like to add a personal touch with a butterfly but not on every piece, same goes with buttons and other embellishments.

12. Who is your fave yarn bombing artist?
Yarn Revolt ~ very much admire the way they work with various textures, gorgeous!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, it is always interesting to look into the views / thoughts of other like minded artists.

  2. What beautiful pieces you've created. I'd love to know how you loom?

    1. Thank you Sandie. I use a basic stitch on a round loom. There are some great tutorials online that explain looming. Will be trying out different stitches this year :)

  3. Thank you for the shout out Dipity! What a great article! I love seeing all the wonderful profiles of the talented yarnbombers of the world! :-)

    Stacie (Yarn Revolt)

  4. Awesome that a yarnbomber is using looming to make the world more beautiful!